[SAT QAS Papers] - Exclusive SAT Materials
[SAT QAS Papers] - Exclusive SAT Materials
[SAT QAS Papers] - Exclusive SAT Materials

    84 ACT Real Papers


      Best Materials to Help You Score 35+ on ACT

      This contains the most comprehensive collection of past official ACT papers.

      Four Unique Advantages For You

      1. Most comprehensive collection - we put together this collection for you so that you can concentrate on test prep without having to waste dozens of hours to look for papers online.

      2. Highest quality PDFs - we spent over 200 man-hours to edit, calibrate and perfect the papers to ensure all are professionally format in the real ACT style, HD, and error-free. 

      3. Exclusive score curve reports - we utilise the data we've collected over the years to make the score curve reports so that you can know exactly how well you did for each test. 

      4. Free subscription to all SAT papers - all new papers will be timely delivered to you, saving you time and effort. 


      What's Inside This Compilation?  


      2 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2020

      2020 June ACT Form C02; 2020 July Form C01

      4 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2019

      2019 April ACT Form B04; 2019 April ACT Form Z15; 2019 June ACT Form B02; 2019 December ACT Form C03

      3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2018

      2018 April ACT Form A09; 2018 June ACT Form A11; 2018 December ACT Form B05

      4 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2017

      2017 April ACT Form 74F; 2017 June ACT Form 74C; 2017 September Form 75A; 2017 December ACT Form A10

      3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2016

      2016 April ACT Form 73E; 2016 June ACT Form 72F; 2016 December Form 74H

      4 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2015

      2015 April ACT Form 73G; 2015 June ACT Form 73C; 2015 December ACT Form 72E; 2015|2016 ACT Form 72C

      5 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2014

      2014 April ACT Form 71H; 2014 June ACT Form 72C; 2014 September Asia ACT Form 65B; 2014 October Asia ACT Form 70B; 2014 December ACT Form 72G

      3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2013

      2013 April ACT Form 71G; 2013 June ACT Form 71C; 2013 December ACT Form 71E

      3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2012

      2012 April ACT Form 70G; 2012 June ACT Form 70C; 2012 December ACT Form 71A

      4 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2011

      2011 April ACT Form 67F; 2011 June ACT Form 69F; 2011 June Asia ACT Form 67B; 2011 December ACT Form 70A

      3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2010

      2010 April ACT Form 68G; 2010 June ACT Form 68C; 2010 December ACT Form 69A

      5 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2009

      2009 62D; 2009 January ACT Form 61F (Also 2004 April); 2009 April ACT Form 66F; 2009 June ACT Form 67C; 2009 December ACT Form 68A

      7 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2008

      2008 ACT Form 61B; 2008 April ACT Form 65D; 2008 June ACT Form 66C; 2008 December ACT Form 67A; 2008|2009 ACT Form 62D; 2008|2009 Practice ACT Form 2MC; 2008|2009 Practice ACT Form 3MC

      3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2007

      2007 April ACT Form 64E; 2007 June ACT Form 65C; 2007 December ACT Form 65E

      4 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2006

      2006 January ACT Form 61C; 2006 April ACT Form 63E; 2006 June ACT Form 63F; 2006 December ACT Form 63D

      3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2005

      2005 April ACT Form 60E; 2005 June ACT Form 61D; 2005 December ACT Form 63C

      1 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2004

      2004 April ACT Form 61F

      2 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2003

      2003 January ACT Form 59F; 2003 December ACT Form 61E

      3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2002

      2002 January 59C; 2002 March 55C; 2002 ACT Form 57B

      2 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2001

      2001 January ACT Form 56B; 2001 December ACT Form 58E

      1 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2000

      2000 ACT Form 57B

      1 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 1999

      1999 January ACT Form 54D

      1 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 1997

      1997 ACT Form ST2

      2 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 1996

      1996 ACT Form 52C; 1996 ACT Form ST1

      Additional Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests

      ACT Form 1MC; ACT Form 2MC; ACT Form 3MC; ACT Form 4MC; ACT Form 5MC; ACT Form 16MC1; ACT Form 16MC2; ACT Form 16MC3; Practice Test - ACT Form 0359F - 2005-6; Practice Test - ACT Form 0661C - 2007-8; Practice Test - ACT Form 0964E - 2011-2 (same as 2009-10)


      Note: all tests in digital PDF format and will be shared via online drive upon purchase. 


      Why Official ACT Tests?

      ACT questions have their own style and logic, which other test writers aren’t always great at imitating. Unsurprisingly, then, the best way to understand the ACT is to study with actual ACTs.

       This collection offers the most comprehensive compilation of official ACT Practice Tests on the Internet. Allowing you to have more than sufficient practice to aim for a high, competitive score for college admission. 

      Furthermore, since most of the papers here are unreleased, exclusive materials, this gives you a unique advantage over other test-takers when it comes to ACT prep. 

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