The Ultimate AP Biology Guide & Official Past-Year Papers with MCQ

by SAT GrandMaster on April 03, 2021

Content Difficulty

The five-point rate of AP Biology is relatively low, and it is the hardest to get 5 points among all AP science subjects.

In addition, the learning points in the AP Biology exam is equivalent to those learnt in the the first semester of university. The extensive content examined will be harsh for candidates who have zero foundation in biology. It is indeed the most difficult subjects among science.


Content Coverage

After the change of syllabus in 2019, the learning points of AP Biology was refined into 4 core content, which contains 8 units. Compared with the syllabus before 2019, the content has been slightly reduced to make the current content framework clearer.


Should You Take AP Biology?

It is recommended that candidates who are extremely interested in biology or those that are planning to study biology in the future to take this subject. You must be mentally prepared for the large amount of content you are going to face after choosing the subject. If you just want to have a high score to earn the credits, this subject is not recommended.


Exam Format (From 2021 onwards)

Section I: Multiple Choice
60 Questions I 1 Hour 30 Minutes I 50% of Exam Score
- Discrete questions.
- Questions in sets
- Grid-in questions have been removed. (Note that multiple-choice questions still assess mathematical calculations.)

Section II: Free Response
6 Questions I 1 Hour 30 Minutes I 50% of Exam Score
- 2 long questions, both focusing on interpreting and evaluating experimental results (one requires graphing)
- 4 short-answer questions:
-Scientific Investigation
-Conceptual Analysis
-Analysis of Model or Visual Representation
-Analysis of Data


Score Distribution


Test Prep Strategy

In the process of studying AP Biology, you need to continuously practise your scientific and logical thinking skills and the ability to find and solve problems.

During experiments, you must cultivate the ability to design innovative experiments, analyse results and draw the correct conclusions.

During revision, you need to have an in-depth understanding of AP Biology exam schedule, test paper types and question type distribution. It is also necessary to summarise the connection between learning points and Big ideas. Doing more relevant practices before the exam is also very helpful for achieving good results.


Recommended Study Guides

-Science for Life with Physiology
-Campell Biology
-Princeton Review
-Crash Course
-Cell to Cell Communication
-AP Biology for Dummies


Collection of Official Papers with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. AP Biology Exam 1990 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  2. AP  Biology Exam 1999 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  3. AP  Biology Exam 2002 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  4. AP  Biology Exam 2008 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  5. AP  Biology Exam  2010 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  6. AP  Biology Exam 2012 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  7. AP  Biology Exam 2013 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  8. AP  Biology Exam 2014 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  9. AP  Biology Exam  2015 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  10. AP  Biology Exam 2016 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  11. AP  Biology Exam 2017 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  12. AP  Biology Exam 2018 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  13. AP  Biology Exam 2019 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question


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