All TOEFL Real Exam Papers

    All TOEFL Real Exam Papers


      The most effective TOEFL test prep materials

      This bundle contains the most comprehensive collection of past TOEFL real test papers with answers. All test papers are authentic printable high-quality PDF format. 

      What happens after I made the purchase?

      1. We will share the test papers and bonus materials with you within 24 hours (due to timezone difference, we might not be able to respond right away)
      2. All materials are in printable high-quality PDF format and will be shared with you via Google Drive. Please indicate your Gmail address during checkout.
      3. Congrats! You've unlocked the most effective TOEFL test-prep materials. We wish you every success in your test prep and college admission!

      Four Unique Advantages For You

      1. Most comprehensive collection - we put together this collection for you so that you can concentrate on test prep without having to waste dozens of hours to look for papers online.

      2. Highest quality PDFs - we spent over 200 man-hours to edit, calibrate and perfect the papers to ensure all are professionally format in the real TOEFL style, HD, and error-free. 

      3. Free subscription to all TOEFL papers - all new papers will be timely delivered to you, saving you time and effort. 

      What's Inside This Compilation?  (Updated as of 9 Nov 2022)

      2 Sets of real listening questions

      14 Real Individual Writing Question & Model Answer

      14 Real Individual Speaking Question & Model Answer 

      147 Real Reading Passage With Questions 

      31 P9 Real Reading Passage With Questions & Answers

      Why practice with only real papers

      1. These are the most accurate representation of the official syllabus, thus most accurately showing you your current strengths and weaknesses so you can improve.
      2. Most TOFEL questions are repeated year after year (think only changing the numbers and words but the concepts remaining the same) because ETS needs to follow a strict syllabus. Thus, practicing with real exam papers essentially lets you know a good portion of the test beforehand.
      3. Most third-party mock exams are poorly designed and don’t accurately reflect the exam content nor the question style. As a result, practising with those papers might actually be counter-productive for you.

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