You Deserve a Better Score

You need a good score but the numbers aren't improving despite your best effort.

The Problem? Most exams deliberately ask simple questions in weird ways. This is to differentiate test performancewithout inlcuding difficult content which will draw criticism.

This is why despite your superb subject knowledge, you can't seem to ace those exams. It's also why third-party resources are actually counter-productive to your practice as they are not reflective of the test designs.

The Solution? Practice with as many real papers as possible. With enough familiarity, you will naturally understand the exam patterns recognise the correct answers. We offer you just that: the most comprehensive collection of real, official exams papers on the internet!

Oh, one more thing: apart from making the question patterns unaccessible, test agencies don't release past-year papers because multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are often repeated every year to save test development costs! Good news: our AP and SAT II papers all contain the precious MCQ sections to give you an exclusive advantage.

I was once a frustrated test-taker. Through many struggles, I figured it out, aced the exams, and got into my dream college. There is so much more in life than mugging for exams! I hope that with my resources, you can get the socres you deserve ASAP - and move on to achieve greater things in life.

Best wishes

SAT GrandMaster

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