The Ultimate AP Chemistry Guide & Official Past-Year Papers with MCQ

by SAT GrandMaster on April 03, 2021

Content Difficulty

Ever since the reform of AP Chemistry in 2014, the 5-point rate of AP Chemistry has been hovering around 10% all year round, which is relatively low. Compared to SAT2 Chemistry, AP Chemistry pays more attention to the examining of principles (the more difficult questions basically like to ask candidates Why) and the ability to solve practical experimental problems (the key points in FRQ tend to be examined through experimental questions), which requires candidates to have a thorough understanding of the content fully and not just purely memorising.


Content Coverage

AP Chemistry is basically a more in-depth study on the basis of SAT2 Chemistry. The content coverage and depth are also more than SAT2 Chemistry. Compared to General Chemical, the focus of AP Chemical is completely different. General Chemical is more like memorising the chemical equations and element properties, while AP focuses more on the understanding of various principles and phenomena. It does not require a lot of memorisation of properties and equations.

AP Chemistry also covers more content than General Chemistry, such as chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, and molecular structure.


Should You Take AP Chemistry?

The 5-point rate of AP Chemistry is not high. You can choose this subject if you have a strong foundation, have a great interest in Chemistry, or is studying related majors in the future. 


Exam Format

Section 1: Multiple Choice
60 Questions I 1 Hour 30 minutes I 50% of Exam Score
• Questions are either discrete questions or question sets, in which students are provided with a stimulus or a set of data and a series of related questions.
• A calculator is not permitted on Section 1.

Section 2: Free Response
7 Questions I 1 Hour 45 Minutes I 50% of Exam Score
• There are 3 long-answer and 4 short-answer questions. Long-answer questions are worth 10 points each; short-answer questions are worth 4 points each.
• The questions assess all 6 of the course skills: models and representations, question and method, representing data and phenomena, model analysis, mathematical routines, and argumentation.
*A scientific or graphing calculator is recommended for use on Section 2.


Score Distribution


Test Prep Strategy

The main characteristics of AP Chemistry exam is its extensive and in-depth test of understanding. Therefore, it is important to have a proper preparation before the exam. In order to get a high score or even 5 points, candidates should do the following:

1. Have a serious enough attitude. You cannot take the AP chemistry exam lightly even if you have a strong foundation. AP Chemistry has a certain level of difficulty. There are various factors that will affect your final grade, including basic knowledge, reading ability, speed of doing questions, english writing skill and even calculator proficiency. Therefore, it is important for candidates to master the knowledge, as well as to pay extra attention to all details during the exam.

2. Study smart. Every year, a large number of candidates have unsatisfactory grades due to incorrect learning methods. You need to have a study plan base on your foundation and the most suitable way of learning.

3. Pay constant attention to the examination format and ways. Ever since the reform of AP Chemistry, there are many changes in content and questioning methods. Therefore, candidates should pay extra attention to these changes while studying hard.


Recommended Study Guides

-Chemistry-the central science
-Chemistry-the molecular nature of matter
-Chemical principle
-Solutions manual to accompany organic chemistry
-Main group chemistry
-AP Chemistry Notes
-AP Chemistry for dummies
-Peterson's master AP chemistry
-Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam: Princeton
-Mass Spectrometry


Collection of Official Papers with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. AP Chemistry 1984 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  2. AP  Chemistry 1989 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  3. AP  Chemistry 1994 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  4. AP Chemistry 1999 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  5. AP Chemistry 2002 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  6. AP Chemistry 2004 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  7. AP Chemistry 2008 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  8. AP Chemistry 2009 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  9. AP Chemistry 2012 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  10. AP Chemistry 2013 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  11. AP Chemistry 2014 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  12. AP Chemistry 2015 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  13. AP Chemistry 2016 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  14. AP Chemistry 2017 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  15. AP Chemistry 2018 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  16. AP Chemistry 2019 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions

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