The Ultimate AP Environmental Science Guide & Official Past-Year Papers with MCQ

by SAT GrandMaster on April 03, 2021

The Ultimate AP Environmental Science Guide & Official Past-Year Papers with MCQ

Content Difficulty

The five-point rate of AP Environmental Science is around 8%-9% in the recent years, shows that this subject is relatively more difficult. 

From the perspective of the difficulty of learning content, it examines a wide range of content. However, the learning points are relatively easy, the learning points tested for each chapter will not be very in-depth. The requirement for basic foundation of geography and biology for this subject is not very high.


Content Coverage

AP Environmental Science is a subject with a mix of arts and science, covering a wide range of contents, involving physics, geography, chemistry, biology, mathematics and other subjects.

The scope of learning points includes usage of land, water resources, pollution, energy utilisation, etc. It covers a wide range of content and there are many learning points to remember.


Should You Take AP Environmental Science?

Although the difficulty level of the subject is not high, the content is not deep, but there are many things that need to be memorised and a lot of practice is needed.
At the same time, it also requires the ability to switch the way of thinking and have theoretical foundation of different subjects. Therefore, there must be thorough and meticulous consideration when choosing the subject. Choose only if you have very strong interest. 


Exam Format (from 2021 onwards)

Section I: Multiple Choice
80 Questions1 Hour 30 Minutes I 60% of Exam Score
• New question type analysing texts: 2 sets of approximately 3-4 questions per set will assess students' ability to evaluate sources of information with a text-based stimulus.
• Questions will now place equal emphasis on the analysis of quantitative data and data in the form of models and representations.
• Each question will have 4 options.

Section II: Free Response
3 Questions I 1 Hour 10 Minutes I 40% of Exam Score
The three free-response question types will now remain the same from year to year:
• Question 1 will ask students to design an investigation.
• Question 2 will ask students to analyse an environmental problem and propose a solution.
• Question 3 will ask students to analyse an environmental problem and propose a solution doing calculations.


Score Distribution


Test Prep Strategy

The content for Environmental Science is wide and messy, and it takes a lot of effort to get 5 points. To get a high score, you can follow the following three principles:

Establish an overall knowledge structure. The learning points of Environmental Science are relatively wide and scattered. While revising, you must establish a content structure to help you master the logic and the connections between the different topics. While studying, you need to constantly fill up the learning point in the frame, so as to learn them systematically and comprehensively.

Practise more. After studying, it is important to consolidate your learning by doing more practices.

Pay attention to the wrongly done questions and sort them out. It will be easier for you to review all your mistakes before the exam if you have a list of mistakes you made before.


Recommended Study Guides

-Environmental Science Earth as a Living Planet 8th Edition
-Barron AP Environmental Science
-Cracking the AP Environmental Science Exam 2015 Edition


Collection of Official Papers with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. AP Environmental Science 1998 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Question
  2. AP Environmental Science 2003 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  3. AP Environmental Science 2008 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  4. AP Environmental Science 2012 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  5. AP Environmental Science 2013 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  6. AP Environmental Science 2015 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  7. AP Environmental Science 2016 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  8. AP Environmental Science 2019 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions


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