The Ultimate AP Physics C Mechanics Guide & Official Past-Year Papers with MCQ

by SAT GrandMaster on April 03, 2021

Content Difficulty

The five-point rate of Physics C Mechanics has always been one of the top among all AP subjects. In recent years, the five-point rate has been around 30%. In 2020, even reached a new high of 40%.

From this perspective, it should be considered as one of the easiest exam. However, from the perspective of content difficulty, it has high requirement of mathematics, you need to master calculus, and it test deeply on knowledge and understanding.


Content Coverage

Compared to AP Physics 1 or Physics 2, AP Physics C has a much smaller range. Topics like Light, Electricity and Quantum Physics are not included in Physics C.

From this perspective, after overcoming the difficulties of mathematics, it will be much easier to study Physics C as compared to Physics 1 or Physics 2.


Should You Take AP Physics C Mechanics?

It is recommended that all students majoring in science and engineering to take this subject. Not only that physics is the foundation of these majors, the high five-point rate of Physics C results in moderately higher fault tolerance.

At the same time, it is recommended for candidates to learn the basics of mathematics first in order to better engage in the study of Physics C.


Exam Format

Section 1: Multiple Choice
35 Questions I 45 Minutes I 50% of Exam Score
• Questions are either discrete questions or question sets, in which students may be provided with a stimulus or a set of data and a series of related questions.

Section 2: Free Response
3 Questions I 45 Minutes I 50% of Exam Score
• One of the 3 free-response questions will include an experimental or lab-based component.
• Questions will assess all 7 of the science practices: visual representations, question and method, representing data and phenomena, data analysis, theoretical relationships, mathematical routines, and argumentation.


Score Distribution


Test Prep Strategy

 You may need to pay attention to the following points in the exam preparation process:

First of all, you need to write out all the steps fully when doing questions, including multiple choice questions. There are three advantages to doing this: 1.It is easier to spot the specific mistake, be it wrong formula, wrong value, or wrong symbol. 2. It is helpful in clarifying the thinking process. If you just scratch the draft, It is possible for you to forget the method you used half way through doing the question. 3. Practise for the detailed writing for future big questions.

Secondly, try to explain a few questions to others (can be your classmates or your teacher) after learning each chapter. Feynman once said, the best way of learning is to teach others. 

Third, do correction for all the questions that you did wrong. The correction is divided into the following parts: 1. Testing point 2. Detailed process 3. Specific error 4. A one sentence reminder (Some questions may not have). For example: "friction and movement direction are opposite!" When the exam is approaching, you can sum up the one-sentence reminder for each wrong question and look through it as a final reminder 5 minutes before entering the examination room.


Recommended Study Guides

-University Physics With Modern Physics 
-Physics with Applications 
-giancoli physics for scientists and engineers 
-Feynman Lectureson Physics
-Cracking the AP Physics C Exam, - The Princeton Review 
-Physics C-Barron 
-5 Steps to a 5 500 AP Physics


Collection of Official Papers with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. AP Physics C Mechanics 1984 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  2. AP Physics C Mechanics 1988 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  3. AP Physics C Mechanics 1993 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  4. AP Physics C Mechanics 1998 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  5. AP Physics C Mechanics 1998 2 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  6. AP Physics C Mechanics 2004 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  7. AP Physics C Mechanics 2009 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  8. AP Physics C Mechanics 2012 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  9. AP Physics C Mechanics 2013 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  10. AP Physics C Mechanics 2014 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  11. AP Physics C Mechanics 2015 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  12. AP Physics C Mechanics 2016 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  13. AP Physics C Mechanics 2017 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  14. AP Physics C Mechanics 2018 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  15. AP Physics C Mechanics 2019 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  16. AP Physics C Mechanics Practice Exam with Multiple-Choice Questions


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