The Ultimate AP Psychology Guide & Official Past-Year Papers with MCQ

by SAT GrandMaster on April 03, 2021

Content Difficulty

The updated AP Psychological Syllabus in 2019 merged the original 14 chapters into 9 units. Compared with the previous syllabus, each knowledge became more detailed. There are also some new knowledge being tested, which increases the difficulty level of the test to a certain extent.


Content Coverage

The knowledge covered in AP psychology is basically equivalent to most universities' “Introduction to psychology”. It mainly includes cognitive psychology, behavioural psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, personality psychology on the basis of statistics and biology. All the learning points are based on famous researches in different fields and various psychological phenomenon.


Should You Take AP Psychology?

Although AP Psychology requires much memorisation, but the overall difficulty level of the test questions are relatively low. The questions are basically testing the knowledge learnt in a straight forward manner, unlike history or science subjects that requires candidates to analyse.
In addition, the AP Psychology 5-point rate is relatively high, and the content is interesting and practical, hence highly recommended.


Exam Format

Section I: Multiple Choice
100 Questions I 1 Hour 10 minutes I 66.7% of Exam Score
• Questions will ask students to do the following:
-Define and explain content from a range of course topics
-Apply skills of concept application, data analysis, and scientific investigation

Section II: Free Response
2 Questions I 50 minutes I 33.3% of Exam Score
• Questions will ask students to do the following:
-Explain behaviour and apply theories using concepts from different theoretical frameworks or subdomains in the field
-Analyze psychological research studies, including analysing and interpreting quantitative data


Score Distribution


Test Prep Strategy

AP psychology requires great amount of memorisation. According to different level of English foundations, you should be able to get 5 points with 1 to 3 months of self-study.

The preparation for AP psychology is about two aspects: mastering the knowledge. It is recommended to use Barron or (and) Princeton as learning materials. The content of the two books is basically the same, except the questions in Barron’s guide are slightly more difficult. If you want to save time for exam preparation, it is more efficient to look at Barron's guide.

If you are mainly focus on exam preparation, you can try to understand the definition of the psychological concepts involved, and inferred the answers to the questions asked. There are even many short-answer questions that directly ask you the definition of a term. Therefore, many textbooks have definitions of all psychological concepts involved in the exam in the Glossary section. Hence, making full use of Glossary is a very useful shortcut in exam preparation and review.


Recommended Study Guides

-Myers Psychology for AP - Worth Publishers
-Psychology 4th Edition - Pearson
-Themes and Variations
-Glencoe - Understanding Psychology Mcgraw Hill
-Cracking the AP Psychology Exam - Princeton Review
-AP Psychology With 3 Practice
-5 Steps to a 5 500 Questions
-AP Psychology Crash Course-Larry Krieger


Collection of Official Papers with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. AP Psychology 1994 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  2. AP Psychology 1999 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  3. AP Psychology 2004 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  4. AP Psychology 2007 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  5. AP Psychology 2012 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  6. AP Psychology 2013 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  7. AP Psychology 2014 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  8. AP Psychology 2015 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  9. AP Psychology 2016 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  10. AP Psychology 2017 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  11. AP Psychology 2018 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  12. AP Psychology 2019 Full Exam Paper with Multiple-Choice Questions
  13. AP Psychology Diagnostic Test with Multiple-Choice Questions
  14. AP Psychology Practice Exam with Multiple-Choice Questions
  15. AP Psychology Practice Test 1 with Multiple-Choice Questions
  16. AP Psychology Practice Test 2 with Multiple-Choice Questions

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