Official 2020 August International SAT Test | SAT QAS in PDF with Answers

by SAT GrandMaster on March 31, 2021

Curve analysis for SAT August 2020 International exam:

  • Reading - The overall difficulty level of the reading part is moderate, among the five passages, natural science passage is the most difficult.
  • Reading/Grammar - On the whole, there are no tricky questions in this set of questions, and even the usually difficult word analysis questions are not tricky this time. Only the testing of "though" question may be unfamiliar to some students, the rest of the questions are very common. 
  • Math - The difficulty level of the questions in this exam is not high, and they are tested in the most basic way. And there is no "pit" that we have been worried about before the exam. In this case, as long as students have all the foundation and are more careful in the exam, it is very likely to get 800 points.


    Passage 1: Questions 1-10 - Literature -  August 2020 International SAT Test QAS

    This passage is adapted from Juan Gabriel Vasquez,Reputations.©2013 by Juan Gabriel Vasquez.Translation by Anne Mclean.2016 by Anne Mclean.The novel's main character, Javier Mallarino, is a political cartoonist who works for a newspaper in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia.

    Summary:The article mainly describes the Colombian government's decision to commend a columnist cartoonist who has been 65 years of age who has drawn political cartoons in newspapers for decades, and is afraid that he will not accept it, so first find the newspaper boss to notify him. Later, he agreed to accept the award, but asked the government not to send a car. He would drive there. He wanted to show that although he was commended by the government, he was still an independent cartoonist.

    Passage 2: Questions 11-20 - Social Science -  August 2020 International SAT Test QAS

    This passage is adapted from"You're Less Persuasive Than You Think over Email."©2016 by Association for Psychological Science.

    Summary:The article describes the research found that when people ask for help, if they send a request by email, the probability of getting help from others is actually lower than people's own estimates. However, if the request is made face-to-face, the probability of getting help from others is higher than people's own estimates. Because when one person makes a request to another, making a face-to-face request is easier for the requested party to have empathy and trust in the requesting party, and the probability of agreeing to help is higher.

    Passage 3: Questions 21-31 - Nature Science - August 2020 International SAT Test QAS

    This passage is adapted from Lee Alan Dugatkin,Principles of Animal Behavior.©2009 by W.W.Norton&Company,Inc

    Passage 4: Questions 32-42 - History - August 2020 International SAT Test QAS

    This passage is adapted from a speech delivered in 1836 by James Forten,"An Address Delivered before the Ladies' Anti-Siavery Society of Philadelphia."Forten,a prominent African American abolitionist,gave this speech after the slave state of South Carolina officially requested that Northern free states suppress antislavery organizations and forbid the publication of antislavery literature.​​​​​​​

    Passage 5: Questions 43-52 - Science - August 2020 International SAT Test QAS

    Passage 1 is adapted from Judith Hooper,Of Moths and Men:An Evolutionary Tale.©2002 by Judith Hooper. Passage 2 is adapted from Judy Diamond and Alan B.Bond,Concealing Coloration in Animals.©2013 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College.Based on an experiment he conducted in 1953, Bernard Kettlewell concluded that dark coloring spread through peppered moth populationsin industrial areas because it made moths less-conspicuous to birds when moths were resting on tree trunks darkened by pollution,a phenomenon called industrial melanism.

    Writing and Language

    Questions 1-11 from 《A Haven under the Snow》

    Questions 12-22 from 《Breaking the Mold in Research》

    Questions 23-33 from 《Durable Beauty:A Costume Designer's Work for the Stage》

    Questions 34-44 from 《James Reese Europe's Pioneering Sound》


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    SAT August 2020 (International) QAS & Answer Key English

    SAT August 2020 (International) QAS & Answer Key Math

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