Official 2020 December International SAT Test | SAT QAS in PDF with Answers

by SAT GrandMaster on March 31, 2021

Other than the few country's (Australia, New Zealand, Thailand) exam centre used the repeat paper SAT December 2018 US exam, most countries used the repeat paper from one of the Aug 2020 tests.

Curve analysis for SAT December 2020 International exam:

  • Reading - The main difficulty for reading come from passage 2 and passage 4. With passage 2 being the most difficult passage according to most students.
  • Reading/Grammar - The reading and grammar section is relatively hard this time. There are many questions that requires thorough understanding of the whole passage, purely grammar questions becoming fewer and fewer, reminding us that this is actually still a "Writing and Language Test". "Grammar" is just a name.
  •  Math - Math is relatively easy, the questions that came out are mostly common questions. Most students make mistake in the part that requires some knowledge about trigonometry functions.


Passage 1: Questions 1-10 - Literature - December 2020 International SAT Test QAS

This passage is from Anita Desai, Translator Translated. ©2011 by Anita Desai. The narrator is working on an English-language translation of a novel by Suvarna Devi, who wrote in Oriya, a language native to India. The narrator has just met with her editor, Tara.

Passage 2: Questions 11-21 - Social Science - December 2020 International SAT Test QAS

This passage is adapted from Mario Livio, Why? What Makes Us Curious. ©2017 by Mario Livio.

Passage 3: Questions 22-32 - Natural Science - December 2020 International SAT Test QAS

This passage is adapted from Elizabeth Preston, “Bacteria Help Pitcher Plants Trap Prey.” ©2016 by Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Passage 4: Questions 33-42 - History - December 2020 International SAT Test QAS

This passage is adapted from the acceptance speech of Rigoberta Menchú Tum for the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize. ©1992 by the Nobel Foundation. Menchú is a political activitst and member of the K’iche’, an indigenous people of Guatemala.

Passage 5: Questions 43-52 - Natural Science - December 2020 International SAT Test QAS

Passage 1 is adapted from Kelly Dickerson, “Earth’s Magnetic Field Flip Could Happen Sooner Than Expected.” ©2014 by LiveScience, a TechMediaNetwork company. Passage 2 is adapted from Ronald T. Merrill, Our Magnetic Earth: The Science of Geomagnetism. ©2010 by The University of Chicago.

Writing and Language

Questions 1-11 from 《Driving Innovation》

Questions 12-22 from 《The Truth about Nonfiction》

Questions 23-33 from 《The Power of Metaphor》

Questions 34-44 from 《Henrietta Leavitt’s Stellar Discovery》


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SAT December 2020 (International) QAS & Answer Key English

SAT December 2020 (International) QAS & Answer Key Math

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