Official 2016 June International SAT Test | SAT QAS in PDF with Answers

by SAT GrandMaster on March 30, 2021

Curve analysis for SAT June 2016 International exam:

  • Reading - The overall difficulty is moderate mainly due to the comparatively easier passages. For the first 3 mistakes, 10 points off for each mistake. For the fourth to the eighth mistakes, 10 points off for every 2 mistakes. Given the lower difficulty of the reading section, the curve is normal. 
  • Grammar - overall difficulty is normal, there wasn't any arcane concept being tested. 10 points off for 1 mistake; 30 off points for 2 mistakes; 50 points off for 5 mistakes. 
  • Math - (sorry we don't have enough information on math for this particular test) 

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Some screenshots of the latest SAT June 2016 International test: 

SAT June 2016 (International) QAS & Answer Key English

Reading Test

Passage 1: Questions 1-10 - Literature - SAT June 2016 International Question and Answer

This passage is from Anton Chekhov,A boring story.

Passage 2: Questions 11-21 - History - SAT June 2016 International  Question and Answer

Passage 1 is from Alexander Addison, who discussed the significance of public opinion as a foundation for all governments and warned that laws of seditious libel were necessary to protect public opinion from the French and their American supporters, who, he believed, were using the press to subvert the government. Passage 2 is from John Stuah Mill, On Liberty.

Passage 3: Questions 22-32 - Science - SAT June 2016 International Question and Answer

The passage is from Jon Cohen, Immune Suppressant Unexpectedly Boosts Flu Vaccine, published by AAAS. 

Passage 4: Questions 33-43 - Science - SAT June 2016 International Question and Answer

The passage is adapted from Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier, Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think, originally published on March 4th, 2014.

Passage 5: Questions 44-53 - Science - SAT June 2016 International Question and Answer

The passage is adapted from Joseph Stromberg, Chimpanzees Intentionally Warn Their Friends About Danger, ©Joseph Stromberg 

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