Official 2019 March US SAT Test | SAT QAS in PDF with Answers

by SAT GrandMaster on March 31, 2021

Curve analysis for SAT March 2019 US exam:

  • Reading - The overall difficulty is moderate mainly due to the comparatively easier passages. For the first 3 mistakes, 10 points off for each mistake. For the fourth to the eighth mistakes, 10 points off for every 2 mistakes. Given the lower difficulty of the reading section, the curve is normal. 
  • Grammar - overall difficulty is normal, there wasn't any arcane concept being tested. 10 points off for 1 mistake; 30 off points for 2 mistakes; 50 points off for 5 mistakes. 
  • Math - (sorry we don't have enough information on math for this particular test) 

Click here to view our curve analysis for the March 2020 International SAT version. 

Click here to obtain the latest SAT March 2019 US QAS and Answer Keys from ExclusiveSAT. 

Some screenshots of the latest SAT March 2019 US test: SAT March 2019 (USA) QAS & Answer Key English

SAT March 2019 (USA) QAS & Answer Key Math


Passage 1: Questions 1-10 - Literature - SAT 2019 March US QAS

This passage is adapted from Rita Dove, Through the Ivory Gate. ©1992 by Rita Dove. The novel's main character, Virginia, has just found her old cello while unpacking after a move.

Passage 2: Questions 11-21 - Social Science - SAT 2019 March US QAS

This passage is adapted from Elizabeth Svoboda, What Makes a Hero? The Surprising Science of Selflessness. ©2013 by Elizabeth Svoboda. 

Passage 3: Questions 22-31 - Science - SAT 2019 March US QAS

This passage is adapted from Jonathan Shaw,''The'Bionic Leaf'”©2015 by Harvard Magazine Inc. 

Passage 4: Questions 32-41 - History - SAT 2019 March US QAS

Passage 1 is adapted from Albert Luthuli's speech to the South African Congress of Democrats, delivered in 1958.

Passage 2 is adapted from Harold Macmillan's address to the South African Parliament, delivered in 1960. At the time of these speeches, South Africa was in the process of transitioning from a British colony to an independent republic under a system of white-minority rule known as apartheid. Luthuli was the president of the African National Congress, a group advocating equality for black South Africans; Macmillan, the prime minister of Britain, was addressing the all-white South African Parliament.

Passage 5: Questions 42-52 -Science - SAT 2019 March US QAS

This passage is adapted from Robert M. Hazen, The Story of Earth: The First 4.5 Billion Years, from Stardust to Living Planet. ©2012 by Robert M. Hazen. 

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