Official 2021 March International SAT Test | SAT QAS in PDF with Answers

by SAT GrandMaster on March 31, 2021

This year, almost all countries used a new set of papers, except for the examinations in a few countries and regions such as Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, which reused the 2020 September US papers.


Curve analysis for SAT March 2021 International exam:

Reading - The overall difficulty level is high. The novel part is extremely hard, the genre of two great documents is very rare and hence more difficult. The level of difficulty for natural science section is moderate.

Passage 1

Passage 1 was extracted from James Baldwin's short novel "This Morning, This Evening, So Soon". James Baldwin's another novel was also tested in 2020 September international paper.

The three main difficulties from this passage is, firstly, there are many characters and the small print before the text does not explain the relationship between the characters at all. The second is that the background setting goes beyond the clichés. SAT candidates may be accustomed to the plot that Nigerians and Hong Kongers not being able to adapt when they first come to the United States. However, this novel is about "I" being an American living in France and feels nervous before returning to the United States to perform. The third difficulty is the language. The author has a strong command of English. The author uses a few simple words to subtly express the delicate meaning, and the expressions of the characters.

Passage 2

Passage 2 is about the theory and evidence of when humans first settled in Australia. The difficulty level is moderate. However, the contradiction between the evidence and the theory mentioned at the end of the article is a bit difficult to understand.

Passage 3

Passage 3 is about studying the different species of primates, whether their population social structure will have an impact on them being willing to cooperate and solving problems.

Passage 4

Passage 4 is something that is very rare in SAT. It tested the judgment opinions of two Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States on the same case.

The only time SAT examined similar passage was in the November 2018 US paper. The passage was "Remarks made at the second circuit Judicial conference" by Thrugood Marshall.

Passage 5

Passage 5 is a common topic, about the evolution of plants. The difficulty level is moderate, and the theory involved is a little hard to understand.


Reading/Grammar - The reading and grammar section is relatively hard this time. Both definition questions need more thorough thinking, but the points tested are regular points, with no new knowledge involved. However, there are new usages of the original knowledge points (such as accompanying adverbials). For such questions, students need to really learn the grammatical rules well, knowing the reason, and knowing why, in order to deal with such questions. Blind memorisation may not be sufficient to cope with the increasingly flexible SAT grammar questions in the future.

Passage 1- Material Ecology:Design for the Future

The first question is to set up the main topic of the full text. Although it is not particularly difficult, the fact that students are required to read the full text to do it, shows that it is indeed an unfriendly first question.

Other test points involve apposition (put in the sentence as a parenthesis and put it at the end of the sentence separated with a colon), very simple logical with same subject, choose transition sentence, concise principle and expression style questions, the latter questions are not difficult.

Passage 2-Incompletely complete art

The first sentence at the beginning of the full text needs to be deleted because it overlaps with the second half of the sentence. This is the first question in the full text. The next question you should choose the option with inadequate. For the rest of the questions, the word meaning analysis question is more challenging, which modifies "work". The answer should be "ambitious", which means "needing a lot of effort, money or time to succeed". The rest of the options are more appropriate to describe human.

Passage 3 - Giants of the Sea

The sentence structure of Question 33 also has a level of difficulty. The first half of this sentence says "because food is only occasionally rich", so the previous paragraph should mention that food is not abundant at all times (this is mentioned in the second sentence) ), so the direction should be after the second sentence. Many students may choose before sentence 1.

Passage 4 - Bearing Fruit with Community Gardens

This passage talks about how to use the vacant land and turn it into a garden for the benefit of the community, rather than being abandoned as a garbage dump, or being bought over by developer that do not benefit the local people.

In terms of questions, most questions are not difficult except for the "not only but also" symmetrical structure question, which has a trap. Do note that this question does not need to be concise, and the longest option D should be selected.

Overall, All the additions and removal of the sentence questions in this set of examination papers are not difficult. The main objective questions are also not difficult. On the contrary, there are pits in some pure grammatical areas as well as the usual definition questions, these are the biggest obstacle to this set of grammatical questions.


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