Official 2021 March US School Day SAT Test | SAT QAS in PDF with Answers

by SAT GrandMaster on March 31, 2021

SAT March 2021 School Day paper uses one of the practise papers from August 2020. Since there are rarely anyone who has seen this paper before, it is consider as a new set of paper. 

Curve analysis for SAT March 2021 US exam:

Reading - Passage 4 of reading section is not so difficult, passage 1 and passage 3 are relatively more difficult.

Passage 1

The novel still contains common elements such as father and son, music, etc. The plot is performed by some people and watched by others.

Passage 2

This passage talks about the interpretation and recognition of human expressions.

Passage 3

This passage talks about the new discovery of hybridisation between genetically modified crops and a weed. According to the candidates, this passage is the hardest one in the whole paper.

Passage 4

The subject matter is relatively unpopular. It talks about the social function of literature. 

Passage 5

This passage is the frequent tested topic on astronomy. It is about what is on other planets, and what is not.

Reading/Grammar - The difficulty level is moderate.

Math - The difficulty level is moderate.


We will soon include the SAT March 2021 School Day paper in the 62 Official SAT QAS & Real Papers with Answer Keys.

For now, you can click here to obtain the latest SAT March 2021 International QAS and Answer Keys from ExclusiveSAT. 

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