Official 2021 March US SAT Test | SAT QAS in PDF with Answers

by SAT GrandMaster on March 31, 2021

The paper used for SAT March 2021 US is one of the practise papers from August 2020. However, there are only few students who have seen this paper before, therefore, it is a new set of paper.

Curve analysis for SAT March 2021 US exam:

Reading - The difficulty level for reading session is moderate, only passage 4 is relatively more difficult.

Passage 1

This passage is extracted from "The Age of Dreaming" by Nina Revoyr. This novel is based on the perspective of a silent Japanese male star in the 1920s. The novel is narrated in the first person, recalling the rise and fall of Los Angeles and the film industry from the 1920s to the 1960s. This is a masterpiece of contemporary historical novel that incorporates suspense, love and other elements.

Passage 2

This passage make use of several experiments to prove that social media does make people more likely to fall into the trap of "confirmation bias" in terms of political attitudes.

Passage 3

This passage says that we should not think that bees have no ability to think at all because of their small brain. This passage is simple, with diagrams.

Passage 4

This passage is excerpt from a speech by the abolitionist Paul Thomas on 19 February 1841. It was written long ago and the language is difficult. There is a very long sentence in the second paragraph, which many candidates said they did not understand.

Passage 5

This is the commonly tested astronomical question, which is slightly difficult.

Reading/Grammar - The main points tested in this section including, singular, plural, possessive nouns, analysis of the meaning of words, addition and removal of sentences as well as subject-verb agreement.

Math - The overall difficulty level of the math section of this paper is not very high. The knowledge tested is what we often encounter in preparing for the test, such as: linear equations, inequality, exponential models, probability, data statistics, circle equations, congruent triangles and so on.

Although the overall difficulty level of this exam is not high, we can expect the curve in the math session to be higher. Students who are prone to make careless mistakes will suffer from it.


We will soon include the SAT March 2021 School Day paper in the 62 Official SAT QAS & Real Papers with Answer Keys.

For now, you can click here to obtain the latest SAT March 2021 International QAS and Answer Keys from ExclusiveSAT. 

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