Official 2020 November US SAT Test | SAT QAS in PDF with Answers

by SAT GrandMaster on March 31, 2021

Curve analysis for SAT November 2020 USA exam:

This paper's curve is very loose, no points will be deducted for 1 mistake, 4 mistakes will still allow you to get 380 points. Of course, loose curve also meant that the difficulty level of the paper will be higher.

  • Reading - Passage 1 is generally difficult; Passage 2 itself is not difficult, however the five rhetorical purpose questions increase the difficulty of the passage; Passage 3 is moderately okay, question 27 is relatively difficult. Passage 4.1 is quite difficult, whereas, passage 4.2 is relatively easier. Passage 5 is not easy to understand, and the questions are not easy. Some students felt that passage 5 is more difficult than passage 1.
  • Writing/Grammar - the overall difficulty of writing/grammar is normal. The things tested are more or less the same as those of past years'. With enough revision, it is possible to score a high mark in Grammar. You can expect 10 points off for 1 mistake, 30 points off for 2 mistakes, 40 points off for 3 mistakes.  
  • Math - This test, compared to the past year papers, is relatively easy. However, there are a few rare question types that has barely appear before. These interesting questions mainly appear in the geometry section: circle and triangle. Expect 10 points off for 1 mistake, 30 points off for 2 mistakes and 40 points off for 3 mistakes.  


Passage 1: Questions 1-10 - Literature - November 2020 US SAT Test QAS

This passage is adapted from Paul Laurence Dunbar, "The Visiting of Mother Danbury". Originally published in 1901.This passage is set in a small town in Dunbar's native Ohio. Dunbar was an African American author renowned for his incorporation of regional dialects into traditional literary forms.

Passage 2: Questions 11-21 - Science - November 2020 US SAT Test QAS

This passage is adapted from Nicola Twilley, "Accounting for Taste." ©2015 by Conde Nast.

Passage 3: Questions 22-32 - Natural Science - November 2020 US SAT Test QAS

This passage is adapted from Katherine Harmon Courage, Octopus! The Most Mysterious Creature in the Sea. ©2013 by Katherine Harmon Courage. 

Passage 4: Questions 33-42 - History - November 2020 US SAT Test QAS

Passage 1 is adapted from Justice Edward Douglass White's majority opinion in the 1903 US Supreme Court case Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock. Passage 2 is adapted from the American Indian Chicago Conference's Declaration of Indian Purpose: The Voice of the American Indian. Originally published in 1961. The ruling in Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock hinged on the question of whether Congress had the power to cancel US treaties with Native American tribes without the consent of the tribes themselves. 

Passage 5: Questions 43-52 - Social Science - November 2020 US SAT Test QAS

This passage is adapted from"Zoology to the Rescue."©2015 by the Economist Newspaper Limited. 

Writing and Language

Questions 1-11 from 《"What Route I'm Going”: Elizabeth Cotten and Her Guitar》

Questions 12-22 from 《Interpreting Diplomatically at the United Nations》

Questions 23-33 from 《The Younger Dryas》

Questions 34-44 from 《Testing the Limits of Artifical Intelligence》


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SAT November 2020 (USA) QAS & Answer Key English

SAT November 2020 (USA) QAS & Answer Key English


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