Official 2020 September US SAT Test | SAT QAS in PDF with Answers

by SAT GrandMaster on March 31, 2021

Curve analysis for SAT September 2020 US exam:

  • Reading - The reading part is moderately difficult (the curve is 390 points for one to two wrong questions). Passage 1 is more difficult, and the difficulty level of great literature and social science articles are moderate.
  • Reading/Grammar - The overall difficulty of the grammar exam is moderate, but there are some hard questions. The text comprehension questions are slightly difficult, but are all within a reasonable range. The main purpose is to test whether the students read carefully.


Passage 1: Questions 1-10 - Literature - September 2020 US SAT Test QAS

This passage is adapted from Colson Whitehead, Sag Harbor. ©2009 by Colson Whitehead. The narrator is remembering a children's race at the annual Labor Day celebration held in his summer community when he was fifteen.

Passage 2: Questions 11-21 - History - September 2020 US SAT Test QAS

This passage is adapted from George Washington's Farewell Address. Originally published in 1796.

Passage 3: Questions 22-32 - Natural Science - September 2020 US SAT Test QAS

This passage and accompanying figures are adapted from James A. Estes, "Carn ivory and Trophic Connectivity in Kelp Forests."©2005 by Island Press. The author describes the possible role of killer whales in the decline of the Aleutian Islands sea otter population in the 1990s.

Passage 4: Questions 33-42 - Social Science- September 2020 US SAT Test QAS

This passage is adapted from Katharine Viner, "How Technology Disrupted the Truth."©2016 by Guardian News and Media Limited.

Passage 5: Questions 43-52 - Natural Science - September 2020 US SAT Test QAS

Passage is adapted from Christopher Crockett,"Experts Don't Agree on Age of Saturn's Rings."©2016 by Society for Science&the Public.Passage 2 is adapted from Matija Cuk,"How Old Are Saturn's Rings?"©2016 by SETI Institute.

Writing and Language

Questions 1-11 from 《Making Space for Creation》

Questions 12-22 from 《Preserving the Music of New Orleans》

Questions 23-33 from 《In Defense of Job-Hoppers》

Questions 34-44 from 《Voyage to Interstellar Space》


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SAT September 2020 (USA) QAS & Answer Key English

SAT September 2020 (USA) QAS & Answer Key Writing and Language

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